Thursday, August 25, 2011

Size and Scale

Just for the fun of it I decided to start with the left side of the ship.This contains the left shield, the tubes and the cockpit.

I started with the shield as it contained my 1 man corp logo and was easy to do.
Then I proceeded with the tubes and cockpit. But in the middle of doing the cockpit, I wondered what the size of a pod and human were compared to the ship. In the left picture, you have the finished left shield, the original Pod with it's smaller brother (sized to the Tristan), a 6 feet human and a few of the cockpit parts. The right picture contains the size comparison of the tubes, a human and the Pod along with a ruler. By looking at that picture, you notice that a human, when passing from the ship main body to the cockpit (through the tubes), does not have a lot of leeway or space...

Left, right and below, you have respectfully the front window, the front part being fixed to a cockpit part and the half finished part of the cockpit. The back part of the cockpit will only be done once I figure out what I wanna do with the windows.
 I was wondering if I should only put in some mate windows or if I should do some kind of shadow play by putting figurines in it and having semi transparent windows. BTW there's going to be a few LED s lighting everything up from the inside!

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