Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hello All,

This is the first entry to this blog about my ideals and the making of a papercraft EVE Online Tristan.
I first started doing papercrafting after I saw pupumonkey's post . He did very nice models of the Caldary Kestrel, Minmatar Firetail, Amarian Apocalypse and a Gallentean Vextor

After viewing his models, I decided to try my hand at it by doing a Pod and then a Thorax.
Now I'm doing my last model for a while and it will be a Tristan.

The ship model looks like this:

Here is a quick guide:
-Use software such as Pepakura and GIMP.
-Extract the model and skin from the EVE Online game, you need to have the game client and a software called TriExporter.
-As for the skin of the model, I use GIMP to modify it and to make it fit as the skin from the game contains multiple layers that needs to be modified for printing purpose.


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