Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The cargo hold & drone bay

While looking at the ships in EVE Online, I always wondered if the numbers they give regarding cargo hold and drone bay actually makes sense. Hence I decided to make models of the hold and bay.
In the left image, you have the pod, Bob, in the lower left corner a 5*1 cube meter box and the 3 other cubes for the cargo hold. The 5*1 box represent the drone bay space, equivalent to 1 small drone, of 5 cube meters.

The cargo hold of the Tristan is of 140 cube meter. To get the accurate size, I made one 5*5*5 cube, one 2*2*2 cube and another 2*2*2 cube minus a 1 cube meter. This totals, 125 + 8 + 7, 140 cube meter.
In the right image, you have the same layout as the image above, but with the hull of the ship in comparison.

My conclusion is that the cargo hold and drone bay of the Tristan is of acceptable in size.



  1. This is amazing work. The attention to detail is astonishing. I think you should cease all further work on genetics and pursue papercraft EVE ships full time. The kits would sell like hotcakes.

    Who needs genes anyway, paper spaceships are far more important. ;)

  2. Seismic Stan just shared your site with the Tweetfleet. I'm amazed at your craftiness, well done! Nice addition of Bob - it's easy to forget the real scale of ships in EVE.

  3. Seismic Stan and Adhar Khorin,

    Thanks! I thought of doing some kits, I just have not had time to do a business case of it...

    I'm having fun building it so far.

    I've been slaking a bit, but should start back at it soon, I've been preoccupied by Skyrim.