Thursday, February 23, 2012

The upper right arm

The upper right arm was a fun piece to do. It's not yet finish because I have not finished it's electronic parts.
As seen in the left image, the junction have been cut to allow for the movement apparatus and to add some dimension. Just like all the other parts, I've added additional details to give it a more depth.
In the row of images below, the left image represent what I'll say is the Lorentz fluid tank for the pulse shield emitter located in the middle image and being constructed in the right image.

The second row of images contains images of a more finish product. For the first image, as described in an earlier blog, I paint the interior of the model in black so that when lighted, light doesn't bleed through. The second image is just the more finish model and the last image is the shield emitter lighted with a flashlight.

To the left is a video that more-less shows what the lighting process will look like when finish (done with a flashlight). What I am planning on doing is a rotating light that speeds up to a point where all lights are on. The problem I am having right now is that I can't seem to find all the chips I need. I've checked Addison, Future shop and la Source in Montreal but still can't find all I need. I think I'll just bite the bullet and buy the missing piece from a Asian distributor.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The crew

Over the last 2 months, I was playing Skyrim; and it was worth it! That is an amazing game...
Hence now I am starting anew on the Tristan project.
During the Chrismas holidays, I showed what I was doing to my mom as she is always wondering what her child is doing in his free time. But about 2 weeks ago, when I decided to restart the project, I noticed that I had lost Bob.
I liked Bob because he was good at showing the relative size of things.
I decided to redo him, but also to add 2 new members to the crew.
Hence a 6 feet (17.5 mm) Bob was recreated with brown pants, a green t-shirt and a grey trench coat. His trusty guard dog Crick the Slaver hound (11.5 mm high), and Watson his fat black cat (4.8 mm long).
Now I need to start doing the electronic parts of the ship since I have most of the other parts almost finished. Other blogs will show the progression of the 2 upper arms and legs of the ship.