Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lego; going back to our inner child

From the beginning I've been wondering how to make the pieces move and how to activate them. I went through multiple scenarios, but all of them required complex electronic and gear systems that I needed to buy from hobby shops or online. About 1 month ago for some reason, I though about the Technic Lego line of toys. I then search the Lego web site for a way to buy individual pieces and arrived on the LDD or Lego Digital Designer. The LDD is a free piece of software that allows the user to design Lego models and it is pretty awesome. An example of it's awesomeness is the Rifter made by czar. I also found on the site the Pick A Brick service.
After about 3 weeks and multiple different designs, I am finally finish. Now using the LDD manager tool, I am able to get a list of all the parts and order them from Lego.
The upper left image contains the mechanical part of the ship within the LDD software. The left image contains an overlay of the mechanical apparatus on the ship. I can't wait to order and assemble it to see if it works.

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