Sunday, October 9, 2011

The engines part 1: Details details details

The engines.... The engines are full of details and composed of multiple components. They're composed of the 3 small engines, the fuel apparatus and the cooling section behind the 3 engines and the 2 main engines on the side of the engine shell. To the left, a modified screenshot of the engines from the pepakura software to show it's grandeur..
In this blog, I'll focus only on the 3 small engines, the fuel apparatus and the cooling apparatus. In a following blog, I'll be putting all the parts together to have the full engine.

In the upper right side, you have the 3 small engines. The top right image contains the flat printed on paper engine graphics and the 3D version of the engine. The right image contains the 3D engine inside its engine case. I made them by cutting round pieces of card stock of different sizes and by embossing them by rubbing them with the rounded end of a knitting needle in the palm of my hand.

The fuel apparatus, that I've named, brings with its 3 fuel tubes fuel to the 3 engines above. As for all the other parts, your imagination is as good as mine to figure out what they do. The tubes are "ugly", but they are very small. I should have taken a picture with a finger beside it or my human paper equivalent to show their size. the left image is from pepakura and shows the details I tried to replicate. The left one contains the start of the scaffolding. The picture bellow is an attempt to show the 3Dness of the the finish product by using cross eye vision.

The engine cooling apparatus is behind the 3 small engines. Because it's much hidden behind the 3 engines, my guess is that it was some kind of remnant of the artistic design before the engines got added. Or it was made that way to add some depth to the engines...  I think it's some kind of cooling apparatus because it looks like cooling vents on big building.
Anyway, the 5 images around represent the evolution of the cooling
apparatus from the 2d version to it's 3D version. I had a lot of fun putting in some depth to the things on each side. Take care all.


  1. Holy Sh*t. That looks awesome. Will you be releasing the plans so we can all make one?

    (My first PvP kill was in a Tristan called Mr. Wiggles :D)

  2. Sure
    I'll release the plans along with the skin so that you can add you own corp/alliance logo, design or whatever (Mr. Wiggles with # of kills)...

    I'm not sure where to put it yet.
    Once it's out, I'll post about it.